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Kumi Ame

It seems fit that the first post about candy should be about kumi ame, the candy this community is named after.  I actually didn't know they were called kumi ame until I saw a recent post about some "election candies" with Obama and McCain on them.  If you'd like to know more about how kumi ame are created, check out the link to Kai's Candy.

The candy I received was a gift someone had brought from Taiwan.  This summer, I had the chance to go back myself and get some.  The store is called Sophisca, and it's an Asian version of Sweet Factory.  They sell individually packaged candies in bulk (both hard candy and gummi candy), chocolate, and some rather unusual things.  They carry these translucent hard candy balls that look inocuous but are labelled as "spicy red peppers" (presumably candy to prank your friends).  The chocolate coffee beans of Sophisca is not particularly noteworthy; they have an aftertaste I don't particularly like.  It's also too milky and not enough chocolate.

What I really like about Sophisca though, is their kumi ame and other hard candies.  The design is stunning, and the flavors aren't too bad. 

< lemon slices

Lemon candy has the aroma of lemon but it is not very sour.  There is a slight tangyness to it.  The same goes for orange candy; it has the aroma but mild flavoring (not shown).  Kiwi flavor doesn't really taste like kiwi, but has a vague sweet-sour taste I can't really place. 

< It even looks like an apple!             Three I happened to pull out today >

My favorite is the apple flavor (which says a lot!)  Unlike most candy manufacturers, the apple taste isn't overwhelmingly synthetic.  It actually tastes like green apple.  There is no aftertaste and the candy gets sweeter towards the end.  Interestingly, the different colors in the candy melt at different rates.  It starts off as a smooth disc, but then small holes quickly form and the candy has a very intriguing texture.

In general, kumi ame is not available in stores in North America (at least, I haven't seen any).  They may be sold online though, but Kai's Candy is the first website in North America that I've heard of that sells this type of candy.  I buy them more for the design, but it's still very good candy.

Taste - 8.5/10
Design - 10/10
Aroma - 8/10
Texture - 9/10

www.sophisca.com.tw/ (in Chinese)


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