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I feel a little bad that I'm posting about games.  (Isn't this supposed to be a candy blog?  one that I let die?  accidentally on purpose?)

But oh well, I support Aeria =).  I've played Stone Age2, Megaten CB and...Dream of Mirror Online (DoMO). 

Stone age 2 is a cutesy game.  I like the fact that you can catch pets and use them to fight; you do start off with one pet.  I felt it was a bit too simplistic though, both in terms of graphics and the lack of storyline.  Also, the lack of an expandable map was a little annoying.  I like to see where I'm going so I don't accidentally run into monsters that are 5 levels above me.  I don't think there were monster markers either...you just...ran into them and had to fight them or run away.  I also did Megaten for a while (I can't remember the full name, but it's on the Aeria website).  It has a pretty good game design.  The tutorial at the beginning really helped.  I didn't get very far unfortunately, because realistic first-person games tend to make me dizzy.  

Finally, DoMO...the game that eats up so much of my time >_>  I've never done PvP in the game, so I can only comment on PvE.  One of the most common complaints I've heard is it's hard to make money and/or it's hard to solo.  But maybe that's part of the game design, it is supposed to be a social MMO.  Personally, I think it's a pretty newbie friendly game.  Navigation is simple, and the introductory quests tell you a lot about how the game works.  I have 2 reasons why I'm still on this game.  1) The people I've met are mostly great and helpful and genuinely interesting people.  and 2) the fact you can train a bunch of different jobs, and sub skills from those different jobs under one job means things are never boring.  There are so many combinations that you can mix things up and find what you like. 

So, if you need an MMO to kill time, play domo =3

-points at link- http://www.aeriagames.com/




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